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softpaw_fae ([personal profile] softpaw_fae) wrote2004-03-05 06:59 pm

going Friends only

Comment if you would like me to consider adding you. Also you must add me to your journal as well. If you do not both comment AND add me I will not add you. And as I make NO none friends only posts adding me to your list is useless as there will be nothing that you can read, but pleanty if you follow the simple rules above as I post daily. I may not add you back if I feel I would not be intrested in your journal.


If you have me on your friends list and I either defriended you or never friended you to start with, and you check and find yourself banned. Most likely its simply because I did a clean up of my friends list and banned people that I had defriended a while ago just to take the names off my list.