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list clean up

Just a public note to let people know that by using this page

to tell when you last posted I removed a bunch of people that haven't posted in YEARS. Because hey, you're not on LJ anymore! If you're still around and commenting but not posting just comment here and I'll add you back!

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Yeah, I think I need to do that, too. SO many have just vanished, it's sad. Many have gone to FB and I'm there (too much) but not with the detail that I feel free to do here.

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that page is ssooo helpful for figuring that out too.

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**waves** Here I am! Just not making entries!

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I know you still comment, that's why I didn't delete you silly.

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Just wanted to make sure. :)


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You ditched me! Just kidding. I know I've been gone forever. I miss LJ and am going to try to start posting regularly again. :)

Re: ::cries::

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I add you backs!

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Thank you!